We love reporting on happy pregnancy and delivery stories, especially when guided imagery helps make the experience shine, after an earlier, far more difficult childbirth .. (we know better than to give imagery all the credit..) We got this wonderful, buoyant note at the office today:

Dear Health Journeys -

This thank you note is coming to you six years late!

I used your pregnancy and labor imagery during my second and last pregnancy, six years ago. My son just went off to Kindergarten this month and I am finally getting my personal life in order.

I used your pregnancy tape religiously during that time and it was comforting, affirming and beautiful. It helped me SO much and ultimately my son as well. I had a very difficult first pregnancy and I wanted a different experience for my second . . . your gorgeous tapes helped me to do this. (I also had a very successful delivery). Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift.

I was reminded to thank you now as I had recommended your tapes over the phone to another woman who was having a hard time with her pregnancy (I had never met her before). But I finally met her this weekend and she mentioned the tapes to me. So she thanks you as well!

All the best,
Nadia G.