We Salute the Magical, Mysterious Tomkins Square Park Scarf Fairy!!

Marjorie Ingall, (author, Tablet columnist, kids' book reviewer for the NYT Book Review and all-round stand-up gal) posted this wondrous sighting on Facebook:


"Someone draped homemade scarves all over the Tompkins Square Park fences, w/ little notes attached saying 'I am not lost! I was made with you in mind! I am yours to keep. Stay warm with my hugs.' How mysterious and delightful! I love you, anonymous person! ' "

She then links to EVgrieve.com, an East Village blog that has a whole page celebrating this wonderful idea. Talk about creative philanthropy! Anyone can do this. And it inspired like kindnesses all over the place. We salute and emulate The Tomkins Square Park Scarf Fairy!!

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