We, the Bleeding Hearts of Planet HJ, Invite You to Take Advantage of Our Good Nature!

Just this morning, Elizabeth got a query from a volunteer working at a statewide patient advocacy organization. She was wondering if we could donate some freebie giveaways for her newly diagnosed, shell-shocked people.

One of this woman's jobs was to send comfort kits to newly diagnosed people, still in the throws of realizing how much their world had just gotten turned upside down. The stress level and sense of unreality can be overwhelming.

We all put our heads together to figure out what we could do for this excellent, nonprofit agency and the people it serves. We're always walking this fine line to figure out, if or how we can be generous and do some good (not to mention generate some awareness about guided imagery and Health Journeys), without breaking the bank. (We're all basically a bunch of bleeding hearts around here, and we've had to learn to put the brakes on our tendencies to give away the farm.)

So we threw some ideas around and came up with a plan. Every request is different. With this organization, because the request involved an older population, and not too terribly many of them, we decided we could afford to send them a batch of CD samples, plus some relevant brochures with useful and relevant information on them, and a 15% off coupon, courtesy of us.

At other times, we've been able to build a page with links for free streamed audio and downloads. And sometimes we sell our stuff at cost or hook up an agency with a funder.

Sometimes all an organization wants is a door prize or silent auction item – something nice, pretty, and useful, like a holistic health, mind-body gift basket, for instance. We can often do that, or reduce the cost.

So it just crossed my mind to let you all know that we do stuff like this when the circumstances and nonprofit organization are a fit. So if you put in a request at a time we're feeling pretty flush, you just might get something out of us. (And you are of course welcome to pay the full freight, too! ☺)

Okay, that's it. Take care and be well.

All best,

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