My doctor from Kaiser gave me a guided imagery Weight Loss CD, which I accepted and proceeded to stare at for about three months. I accepted it but did not start listening to it until a few months after receiving it.

I finally started listening to it and I have now listened to the CD for approximately 3 months. The miracle that happened to me is that I started to exercise! ME!!!! It’s been years since I have had an exercise program.

I have an old treadmill that has been gathering dust for at least 5 years. However, I was drawn to it and started at 20 minutes a day. Now I exercise 6 x a week for 40 minutes.

I have lost inches and 6 lbs and I am stronger, thinner and happier. I listen to the CD at nite as I fall asleep and am thrilled!

Another novel concept - I only eat when I am hungry! This is so unreal - I can''t tell you! I love my guided imagery and can''t imagine going to sleep without it. What a blessing!


[Ed. Note: Some people cannot listen to the Health Journeys Weight Loss imagery at night, because the energizing music (designed to enhance the effectiveness of the metabolism-boosting imagery) revs them up and interferes with their ability to sleep. This is not the case with the David Illig, Martha Howard or Emmett Miller weight loss programs, which are more hypnotically calming.