We're Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude!

"The science shows us that experiencing gratitude is linked to greater well-being and life satisfaction, both in the present and the longer-term. Plus, it just feels better to appreciate what we can." - Dr. Traci Stein

As Thanksgiving approaches, we here at Health Journeys took the time to reflect on what we're grateful for - and we'd like to know what's got you feeling thankful this holiday season too.  

Let us know in the comments below!

"This year, I still feel grateful for tasty take-out and astonishingly great TV writing, acting, and directing. But the focus of my gratitude lands on people. 

  • For my kids, whose company, humor, and advice I prize; 
  • For my fella, who cooks, loves travel, and who makes room for my psycho love of work;
  • For my amazing brother, who's been subduing various cancers for more than a dozen years, still loving life and working on his next book; 
  • For our COO and the rest of the staff, who have transformed the company and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into the current decade;  
  • And for very good friends."

- Belleruth N., President & CEO

"I'm eternally grateful for my family, friends, our first responders and military.  I'm also grateful for each new day I wake up and the time I've been blessed with. (And in Ohio, I'm grateful for cozy blankets and the heated seats in my car)."

- Cheryl P., Director of Operations

"This year, I am grateful for three especially important parts of my life.... my family that has been so equally focused on creating tighter bonds and helping each other to grow, for friends that have made growing older a welcome phase of life, and for work that has purpose, where I get to know that we are helping so many people in different situations and places."

- Jonathan G., COO

"I am grateful for my family and friends both near & far, my 2-year-old dog who gets cuter every day, snow, new shoes, podcasts that make me laugh & teach me something, all the opportunities I've had to meet new people this year, and a job that both challenges me & lets me grow."

-Abby R., Marketing & Project Manager

"am grateful for every little thing! Grateful for every day, to wake up in a warm comfy bed, in a place I am safe. Grateful for my car to get me places like yoga. Grateful for yoga and my body that makes it possible. Grateful for the beautiful scenery I am able to witness with my eyes. Grateful for the food that fuels my body to do the things I love. Grateful for my friends, family and beautiful people I meet/connect with on a daily basis. I am grateful for the challenges that make me stronger. Grateful for thanksgiving that brings the family together."

- Michaela W., Sales Associate

"This year I am grateful for my friends and family who’ve been by my side through college and after."

- Anthony A., Marketing Associate

And not to sound too cheesy, (we mean this!!) but we are also grateful for you, our Health Journeys community, for letting us contribute to your health and wellness year after year, and for teaching us a thing or two (or twelve) while doing so.  Keep your eyes peeled for our Black Friday specials at the end of the week, and don't forget to let us know what you're grateful for this year!

Best wishes for a happy & healthy Thanksgiving,

Team HJ