Question: you have any imagery tapes on bullying...I work in the school up on the Navajo Reservation and it is very prevalent there...

I would like to target (oops better not use this word) the bullies, since those are the ones that I am getting referred.  The ones getting bullied can also vary and change with the impulsivity of some of the bullies.
The ages at the school I am focusing on is about 8-14. Thinking about developing an empathy type scene of example of helping others or focusing on infants and their connections with their parents....thanks

Thanks.. Mark

Hi, Mark.

This is a great idea, to use imagery to remediate bullying, and we have nothing specific to offer you on this.  I think it would be great for you to create something, based on what you’ve been observing and working with.
If we assume that bullies need to feel powerful and impactful, and are trying to make up for feelings of helplessness and inadequacy, while expressing their anger over these feelings and taking it out on others, I’m not sure the ‘empathy’ approach would be as effective as imagery that gives them another way of sourcing their own power and experiencing their own mastery.  Also, perhaps using native tradition and the ancestral clout of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers would help, too.  I would love to hear what others think might work for kids who bully.  Please, any and all suggestions, thoughts, ideas are welcome!

All best,