Listen to an audio sample of Healthful Sleep

A woman asks for instructions on what the recommended level of sound should be while listening to our guided imagery, and more specifically the audios for Healthful Sleep and some others.  Belleruth provides an answer below.

How loud or soft should we be listening to the cd's?

I have the Healthful Sleep cd, and a couple others, no instructions as to what the recommended level of sound should be....loud, same voice as if I was talking to someone, soft, so soft that when you move or adjust you can't hear it???  Help.


Dear Delores,

Listen at the volume that is most comfortable for you.  Some people like all their imagery set to a very soft volume, because they want to fall asleep listening.  And since one of the titles you’re using is the one for restful sleep, you probably want it low enough to let you drop off to sleep and stay that way.  

The other titles you have are probably good in the conversational range, but again, you can experiment to see what volume is most pleasant, relaxing and comfortable for you.

Of course some people are hard of hearing, so they are going to turn it up quite a bit.

Some people like using head phones so they can hear everything very acutely (and without disturbing others).  It all works, and there’s no one right answer, so it's completely up to you.

Thanks for the question and all best wishes,