What Are Good Resources for Hospitalized Kids??

Dear BR,
I'm a member of the Integrative Medicine team at a large, progressive hospital system in suburban Chicago. We received a large grant for pediatric interventions and I've been asked to provide guided imagery for children with short and longer term health-related challenges. Was wondering if you would recommend any specific resources I might check out to enhance my Guided Imagery work with children.


Hey, Miranda,

Congratulations to you on your grant and your chosen line of work! Here are some of my personal all-time favorite guided imagery recordings for kids:

  • Magic Island by Betty Mehling - a wonderful, empowering resource for just about any situation for pre-school to grade-school kids.

  • Sleep Fairy by Lisa Malkiewicz - terrific fear-allayer and sleep-inducer for pre-school to grade school.

  • Roxanne Daleo's Mindworks for Children series is an enchanting and delightfully creative series for little kids - pre-school through 2nd grade or so, except for her From a Grain of Sand and Wanka the Caring Elephant, which works well for an "older crowd: - say, through third grade or thereabouts.

  • I Am the Sky by Tami Peckham is an artful, appealing, empowering meditation for kids, that's clinically sophisticated but appealing and fun at the same time.

  • For source books with lots of practical, hands-on suggestions and protocols for providers, I like Charlotte Reznick's new book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination (she also has an excellent CD of guided imagery for kids, Discovering Your Special Place) and Ellen Curran's Guided Imagery for Healing Children and Teens.

  • And Karen Kowal's little heart pillow is wonderful for kids, especially those who need soothing after surgery.

  • For teenagers and sophisticated middle school kids, the adult audio programs work fine.

I hope this helps.
Good luck and have fun spending down your grant for your kids.

All best,