Ok, I know that your book "Your Sixth Sense: Activating Your Psychic Potential" is a very old book by now, but I was wondering what you said that happens before one would receive psi information that they might hear a high pitched sound or different tones...

Well, since I've been reading it, I have been paying a lot more attention to my thoughts and attempting to find my "inner voice".

So I've noticed that there is always a very high pitched tone in my mind all the time, although it is harder to notice when my brain is in a scramble...but it is still there.

I was wondering if that would mean that I could be receiving intuitive information all the time and i just need to open up the "third eye" to receive it?


Dear Lauren,

First off, just an aside: it’s true that the book with the original, hardcover title, Your Sixth Sense: Activating Your Psychic Potential is pretty old – it was printed in 1997 – but the softcover that followed it, Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition, has just been replaced with a brand new, 2009, hot-off-the-press edition, with a few factual corrections, updated contact info for the list of psychics, new reference sources and added interviews and such. You can find it here.  

As to your question, the high pitched tone may or may not be connected to your intuitive process. It could be tinnitus, for all we know, or something along those lines. It’s always good to check out your ENT situation, in any case.

As I mention in the book, people have unique signatures as to how they get their psi information – for some it’s an auditory signal, for others it’s a physical sensation, and for others still it’s a sense of clarity or feeling of stillness… we’re all different and our job is to pay attention for long enough and through enough tracked hits and misses to become acquainted with the signature way we feel, sense and perceive when that real deal psi info comes through.  Once we know that, we’re in much better shape to trust the information – to a reasonable point, anyway.

But to get to the core of your question: we are all, always being bombarded with psi information, all of the time.  But most of the time, there’s too much competing noise to pick it up – we’re doing our jobs, worrying about the bills, deciding on actions to take, analyzing behavior, picking up environmental cues – in other words, going about the tasks of daily living.  Those things take precedence and crowd out the subtler, softer signals of our intuition.  But by practicing the pointers in the back of the book, by meditating and by using heart-opening imagery, we increase our capacity to attend to these messages and receive them.  (Coincidentally, this week’s Hot Research shows how meditation and guided imagery enhance attentional focus neuro-physiologically.)

And most of us eventually are able to both go about daily living and get those signals at the same time - a huge plus to our effectiveness and safety, I might add.

I hope this answers your question.
All best wishes,