Belleruth, I love your products and suggest them to my patients.  Which performance CD would you recommend for a musician with performance anxiety?

Thank you.

Dr. O’Boyle


Dear Doc,

I think there are several titles I could suggest for your musician with performance anxiety. Let me try to differentiate them a little, to hopefully make your choice easier.

If you want to stick with my work, emphasizing multi-sensory, emotionally evocative imagery, then the Self-Confidence & Peak Performance audio combined with Help with Panic Attacks might be a good combo for him.  The Panic program focuses on mastering the anxiety; the Self-Confidence audio works on envisioning the look, feel and joy of merging with the music and losing all self-consciousness… basically a "Flow" state. 

If you think he'd do better with a man's voice and might go for a more subtle, indirect, non-authoritarian type of hypnotic approach, then David Illig's work, using classic, Ericksonian hypnosis might be just the ticket, and you should try his Self-Esteem audio.

If you think he'd do better with a man's voice but needs a more solid, structured, directive hypnotic approach, then Emmett Miller is your guy, and his Optimal Performance recording would work well for him.  

If you want him to focus on his inner self-doubt with a terrific combination of imagery and hypnosis that’s designed to buck up feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, then you definitely should have him try Traci Stein's Healthy Self-Esteem, and for continuing his healing while he’s snoozing, her accompanying, equally popular Self-Esteem during Sleep.

I hope this helps!
All best,