What Audios Can Help Me Avoid Road Rage During My Daily Commute?


Have you ever thought about putting together something for someone’s daily commute? I’m not sure how you would create it, but I’d definitely like to have something to help me stay calm during my commutes to and from work. They are a significant daily stressor for me.

PS I ordered Unlocking Inution and I really am enjoying it. Oddly enough my CD drive popped open some ten minutes after I put the case next to the laptop and I was standing in the kitchen! I am curious to what it means, I’m sure I’ll find an answer in my meditations.

Thank you, Theresa

Actually, Theresa, any of our relaxation audios would be good candidates for keeping you calm during your commute, although you're not supposed to be driving when listening, because these guided imagery meditations will put you in a very relaxed, hypnogogic state.

So, assuming you're a passenger, I'd recommend Relaxation & Wellness, General Wellness or Traci Stein's Mindfulness Meditations.

As to your pop-open in the kitchen? Consider it a little wink from the gods, endorsing your pursuit of these interests!! :)

All best,