What Audios Can Help With Profound Grief?


Is there any help for profound grief?


Yes, James, for most people there is, even the tear-your-hair out, devastating, bottomless-seeming, dead-on-the-inside kind of grief. Some people do well with counseling, spiritual guidance, support groups. Almost everyone benefits from good friends, close family, and the passage of time.

Guided imagery is particularly helpful, because it matches perfectly the way we’re built and programed to resolve separation and loss. We ultimately incorporate the image of the lost loved one – the way they looked, sounded, felt, even smelled – and the words they said, their gestures, laughter, values, and ways of expressing themselves – into our hearts.

It’s a slow and subtle process with a million ups and downs – but we end up okay, because we’re carrying them around with us on the inside, drawing on their strength and love from there. It’s not the same as having them, but it works.

We first learn this as toddlers figuring out how to tolerate separating from our mothers or primary caregivers… we invariably get the hang of it and tolerate being away from them for parts of the day, first with the help of a transitional object, like a blanket, teddy bear, binkie or our own thumbs – and go from there to carrying their image on the inside. (The game of peek-a-boo helps!) That gets us through having to deal with a new babysitter., play date or other scary situations.

We go through the same steps with adult loss. And it can take us back to feeling as helpless and frightened as the 2 year old we were. I recommend you try our imagery for Grief ; and then, if you think it’s helpful, you might also want to try our imagery for Posttraumatic stress or for Heartbreak.

There’s also a wonderful book we carry, the A to Z Healing Tool Box, by Susan Hannafin McNab, and I recommend it highly. 

Best of luck to you with this difficult road. Don’t let the devastation fool you. You can do this. And you are in very good company.