What Audios Would You Recommend for a Parkinson's Patient with a Dispirited Attitude About His Condition?

My cousin has been dealing with Parkinson’s for many years. Do you have a tape that could possibly help him - he has a very poor attitude about his condition, I’m sure he is depressed. I have tried to help him but he does not want my help, he lives very far from me - maybe one of your CDs would help him. Thank you, Julia

Hello, Julia,

I'm sorry about your cousin and sorry he won't let you help.

Yes, we do have guided imagery that precisely targets Parkinson's and it's symptoms - I made it with the help of groups of people with PD, their care partners and providers. You can find it here

Depression and its cousin, fatigue, are other symptoms of the disease that frequently show up ( - not just a reaction to it, but that too, of course). We also have guided imagery for depression, which you can find here, but if you think getting that would just irritate him, I'd leave it alone and stick with offering him the one for PD. Who knows? If he gets some benefit from that one, he may be open to the sampling the depression imagery at some later date.

Either way, I'd offer this gift lightly. As in mentioning there's research showing it helps with some of the symptoms, so he may want to try listening to it... or not. Just sayin'. And then leave it be. I'm big on zero follow up in situations like these. (By the way, the studies show guided imagery is effective at reducing freezing, increasing the 'on' time of meds, improving quality of life, and reducing tremor.)

Hope this helps.

All best,