What Audios Would You Recommend for Claustrophobia in Elevators or Airplanes?


You are a genius. Thank you. I have struggled getting good sleep the past 5 years as a result of being woken up so many times as a new mom. I've had a cascade of health issues as a result. A friend turned me on to your CDs after she was using it successfully to prepare and recover from extensive surgery. I got the sleep one from the library and....for the first time, after countless doctors visits, supplements, and dietary changes, I finally feel like there's some healing going on.

While I'm still having problems staying asleep, I am sleeping deeper than I have in years, and can get back to sleep quicker and deeper. Thank you. I'm trying to tell everyone I know about what you offer. Every doctor needs to add this to their toolkit of remedies for patients. There isn't anyone who couldn't benefit.

My question for you, is what CD would you recommend for claustrophobia?  Also in the past 5 years, I've developed issues with elevators and airplanes because of not being able to get out of that space if I want/need to. I know this stems from anxiety related to OCD from my research. Now that I'm having success with the sleep component, I figure there has to be a CD to help with this too. I'm also interested in trying the CD related to fear of flying, thinking that may help too. Let me know your recommendation.

Thank you again. My favorite part of the day is when I can listen to my Belleruth to help me heal and return to my former self!


Dear S,

I’m glad you’re getting better sleep. Thanks for writing and letting me know.

For your claustrophobia, I recommend the Anxiety & Panic imagery. The research shows that the best results for dealing with phobias is a combination of Behavioral Therapy (and guided imagery can be a key component of this-this audio provides a lot of behavioral approaches in it) with medication.

It might be good to find a therapist in your area with a good reputation, who specializes in phobias and panic attacks. Some hospitals have Phobia Clinics – that would be another place to look.

Additionally, a lot of people benefit from KRS Edstrom’s very skillful Fly without Fear meditations. You may want to try that as well.

Best of luck to you!