What Can An Adult Listen To For Childhood Sexual Abuse?

We are often asked this question that Delia asks. Someone in adulthood either starts remembering some long-buried childhood abuse; or has always been aware of it, but for various reasons, only now feels ready to deal with it proactively. Sadly, childhood abuse is far more common than most people would think as any mental health will tell you.


Which of your guided imageries are best for people who have suffered childhood trauma such as physical, emotional and sexual abusers?



Dear Delia,

I recommend the following:

If you want to approach this slowly, incrementally and comprehensively, building up your 'guided imagery and self-soothing muscles' as you go, (this would help you stay on course, reduce reactivity and help you handle any strong or uncomfortable emotions that might come up) you might want to work with The Three Stages of Healing Trauma: Nine Meditations for Posttraumatic Stress.

If you're working with a therapist or processing all this with a close, supportive friend,  or learning other meditative or relaxation techniques, all the better. 

But it's also good to know that many adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, when they feel ready to deal with it on a conscious, deliberate level, can do very well with these mind-body techniques, and not everyone suffers great distress when they're doing it - there can be a lot of joy and aliveness from the sheer liberation and emotional freedom that comes with doing this work, too.

My very best wishes,

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