Belleruth and HJ Staff,

Do you have any titles for burn victims beyond the general Relieve Pain title?  There is a 14 year old, significantly burned young man going through recovery experiencing excruciating pain, whom I would like to help.


Dear James,

There have been several studies showing that guided imagery, hypnosis and other mind-body methods can boost burn healing, accelerate joint motility and provide relief from the considerable pain and itching involved in recovery.  So I’m happy to make some suggestions for your teenager.

The first thing that comes to mind is Carol Ginandes' excellent Rapid Recovery from Injury - a 6 session hypnosis series that has some powerful images and suggestions around 'dialing down' pain, while addressing recovery and healing. It's very well done and highly effective for most people of all ages. 

Come to think about it, the last person who raved about it to me was a U.S. Senator with a horribly painful cluster of bone breaks from a nasty accident.  So I'd start with that title.  It also has enough variety and cumulative effect from the sequenced exercises, that it will last him a long time and won’t bore him.

Relaxed and Awake might help him with the very painful process of debriding his wounds.  It’s designed to provide the kind of uplift that releases endorphins, and that, just n and of itself, has an anesthetic effect on pain.  

Our General Wellness has the imagery of healthy new cells replacing damaged ones, and it's got some uplift in it too. So that title might be a good alternate for him, for when he wants to take a break from Dr. Ginandes' hypnosis audio.

Our Healthful Sleep imagery could also be a big help.  If he’s struggling with posttraumatic stress– and most likely he is - from the incident that caused these burns, then perhaps a combination of Relaxation & Wellness and our Healing Trauma imagery could be a help, along with some supportive counseling.

So sorry this kid has to go through all this.  It’s very, very rough, I know – takes tremendous courage and forbearance just to get through the day.  He's lucky to have you on his side.  Please send him our very best wishes from all of us at Health Journeys.

All best,