What CDs Belong in the Lending Library of a Hospital’s Neurology Department?

We got this query from a woman who had set up a guided imagery library in the Oncology Department of her hospital, and who is now looking for appropriate titles for the Neurology Department. Here it is:


Need your guidance Belleruth.

I've set up a guided imagery library @ my cancer hospital unit using your tapes, & now I've been asked by a neurologist for help bringing it to his practice to help migraine, neuropathy, brain tumor patients, etc.

Please provide any suggestions as to which tapes to get for him and his department, as my experience is strictly with cancer, since that is what I have.

And what a miracle your tapes have been in my life, by the way.

Thank you so much.



Thanks, Dee, for your interest, for your generous words, and for helping to spread the word about imagery in your hospital setting. I wish you continued healing and strength as you face down this cancer challenge. I'm very glad the audio programs have been a help to you.

Some titles I would suggest for a neurological department would be the same as the ones used in oncology - for instance, for surgery, (Successful Surgery), for unpleasant medical procedures (Relaxed & Awake), for help with sleep (Healthful Sleep), for general anxiety (Relaxation & Wellness) and for pain (Ease Pain) .

More specific to neurology would be our imagery for Stroke, TBI, Headache and Parkinsons.

Ho2132bpe this is useful to you!

Thanks again. Wishing you the best,


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