What Does This Chemo Affirmation Mean: I Can Heal Myself and Live or Heal Myself and Die ??

A chemo patient likes the affirmations on the guided imagery program she listens to during her infusions, but wonders what is meant by the statement, "I know I can heal myself and live or I can heal myself and die: my physical condition is not an indication of my wholeness", and BR explains what she meant by it.


I have finally found the perfect affirmations for me, just one thing I am confused about In your Chemo disc, you say you can heal yourself and live or heal yourself and die......would you kindly explain what you mean by 'heal yourself and die'?

Dear S.,

I think of healing as something that can occur on many levels - physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationship-wise. If we limit ourselves to thinking of healing as only something that occurs physically, then the only indicator of success is if we are cured of a disease or go into remission. And of course, this is what many people are looking and hoping to do and wind up doing.

But I have also seen many people heal their relationships or come to a new understanding and peace with themselves during the course of an illness, and this is healing, too. And as the late, great Stephen Levine liked to point out, sometimes when you heal in this way, it can open up new avenues to physical healing. Either way, though - heal and live or heal and die - it's a real blessing.

I also worry about people who think that, because they have fallen sick, or aren't improving the way they had hoped, that they must have done something wrong, and are at fault for something. So I put that sentence in there for them, too.

For all those reasons, I like to include this message in the affirmations, especially when there is a life-threatening condition that is being addressed.
I hope this clarifies it. Of course, if you don't like this affirmation, or it doesn't agree with your views, by all means, feel free to ignore it!

All best,

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