Dear Belleruth,
I have been reading Your Sixth Sense and listening to some of the related downloads.  I wanted to thank you for helping me understand the language of my own inner workings a little bit better.  I have been struggling with Lyme Disease and am faced with the decision of IV antibiotics. It's a rough decision b/c I have many allergies, so it may have to take place in the ICU under the watch of medical staff for 5-8 weeks... ugh!  Here is what I wrote on my blog tonight:

I spent some time with BRN imagery to access intuition, which focuses breathing on the heart, the pulsing of the heart, breathing in and out through the heart… feeling all the love and sweetness there, and letting it fill me.  I know the feeling when I first think of loving memories or feelings… it’s a rush of brightness through my heart and even travels up through my body.   I gently tried to stay on that feeling… on the rush… expanding the rush I feel.  It was wonderful.  

Prior to the activity, I tried the question of the IV again, but I changed the wording so as to be more specific.  When her voice stopped and I was left in the music I asked “Will the IV treatment make me well?” and I waited.  I wasn’t at all sure what to expect, when my heart suddenly swelled with that feeling of bright rushing…  

I asked again, and again I got the same feeling. I asked my body “Do you want to have this treatment?  And there it was again, accompanied by a slight pain in my upper right region of my head… above my right ear, which happens to be my deaf ear, lost to the ravages of Lyme Disease.  

I thought of a new question.  I asked, “Will I make some money from my writing?” and there was that rush… no pain this time.  I thought about that pain I had felt, which reminded me of another question.  I asked “Will I ever get my hearing back?” and immediately felt a tense, rock hard feeling sweep through my lower abdomen.  Oh well, I guess I’m getting used to the fact, but I would have welcomed a surprise.  

I will continue to practice and learn about the messages so readily available to me, inside my own body.  What do you make of the headache?  I have a ways to go before this IV treatment becomes an option. I have a hard time trusting myself... I recently discovered through therapy that I frequently don't believe what I know.  That's what will be working on now.  What good is psi if I can't believe it when I see it?

Warm regards,

You certainly seem to be making great headway with asking yourself and getting answers.  As you noted, that expansive inner feeling is a ‘yes’ and the contraction or tightening is the body’s way of saying no.  By asking specific, yes-or-no questions, you’re giving your body a chance to offer some input.  Nicely done!

Whenever your body gets a chance to run more energy, either from the inside (eg, the heart-opening imagery, prayer, meditation, etc) or with help from the outside (energy work, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Qigong, etc), it can run up against a blockage and back up some, at least temporarily, and this accentuates whatever problem or discomfort is going on in there – remember that in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, a healthy body is a body where energy runs freely through all the energy vortices; and energy is blocked where there are problems.  So by running more energy, you may have accentuated your ear problem.  Sometimes by running more energy it can be pushed through and released.  Sometimes it’s best left alone.  It may be worth a consult with a reputable energy healer to see if this could maybe be unblocked.

As far as trusting your intuition, most people do so, more and more, as they age and accrue experiences that teach them when to trust it and when to suspect that the “insight” is just a wish or a fear.

If you take another look in Your Sixth Sense, in the chapter on Specific Things You Can Do to Cultivate & Maintain Psi, I offer 23 solid recommendations, but let me reiterate the main ones:  track your intuitions, write ‘em down, note whether they actually proved to be correct or not, and pay attention to how your body, mind and mood felt each time.  Soon you’ll be able to discern a difference between the way the accurate ones felt as opposed to the projections. Once you have this internal, signature information, you’ve got a terrific tool at your disposal for the rest of your life… as long as you keep paying attention to your brilliant insides.

I hope this helps.  And good luck with the IV treatments. (And by the way, the imagery for Allergy and the imagery for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue might be a help here, too.)

All best,