Which Guided Imagery Audios Can Help with Chronic Back Pain?

Dear BR,

I have a friend who is 71 and has a chronic condition in his back. He cannot move very fast and must use a walker. I did not see any recommendations for chronic back pain in the Ask BR questions you have previously answered. Do you have a visual meditation or guided imagery audio that would help him? 

Sincerely, Glenda

Hello, Glenda.

Yes, Emmett Miller has guided imagery specifically for back pain, called Healing Your Back.

Additionally, we have many titles for general pain relief that can be applied to the back. We also have a Pain Relief Pack, including Sombra, a remarkable cream, that works really well with sore back muscles. You can find all of it if you use our website's search engine, entering the term 'back pain', as I did here:


I hope some of these help your friend.

Best wishes,