What Guided Imagery Is Best for Anxiety, Depression, and Stomach Problems?


I am looking for a good guided imagery meditation for stress/anxiety/depression. I also have Crohn's and stomach problems. I tried other meditations and seem to do best with guided imagery as opposed to mindfulness. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should try? I'd like to start a daily practice. Thank you, Ray.

Hi, Ray.

Well, you¹re starting out knowing which modality suits you best, so that¹s a great advantage for honing in on some suggestions.

I¹d start with the Relieve Stress audio.

It has 4 tracks: some guided imagery that targets anxiety; some guided imagery that creates a sense of safety, protection and support (so also for anxiety, but coming from a different angle, and good for other things, too); a very calming walking meditation that sometimes is better for anxiety than anything else, especially if you¹re feeling too fidgety for sitting and listening; and some affirmations, also good for anxiety or emotional balance, and more versatile, because you can listen to those while driving or doing other things. So I¹d start with that.

If you like it, you may also want to alternate it with our imagery for Depression, which focuses on those symptoms, and, after the first five minutes of intro and basic set-up, is quite different from the stress imagery.

Another favorite is Breathe to Beat the Blues, which uses yoga breathing to combat depression - it¹s a nice change of pace and works well with the imagery.

We also have imagery for Irritable Bowel, and this has imagery that could help you with your Crohn¹s symptoms.

You might want to start with just one to see if you find the approach compatible, and then add as you feel ready. It¹s good to listen to one multiple times before adding another, but eventually they¹ll all work for you, regardless of how you introduce them.

Good luck to you, and I hope the imagery is a help.