A stroke survivor in rehab who has used guided imagery successfully in the past for other health challenges wonders if the TBI imagery can help her with her recovery  from a recent stroke…


Dear Belleruth,

I love your recordings and use many for health problems, as I have had a lot of them.  The CFS and M.S. guided imagery are just so healing for me. The Affirmations are as if you were reading my mind!

I have had a stroke and used the heart guided imagery, and I was wondering if the new Brain Trauma would help me, as I have many of these problems too.

Thank you for your work.



Dear Jeanette,

Yes, the TBI imagery can definitely complement and support the imagery for Stroke which I think would be more targeted for you than the more general cardiovascular imagery, and I recommend you give both a try… and not just because these two titles emphasize different facets of a similar challenge; but because it’s also nice to switch off and hear something fresh, new and different, just to keep your interest and emotional investment up.  

After several weeks of listening to the same guided imagery, most people experience what Marty Rossman calls the “saturation effect” – they just don’t want to listen to it any more.  But after some time of working with something else, you can go back to the old recording and it will actually feel fresh again.  So, yes, please do give them a try.  

And thanks for asking.  I’m glad some of our other guided imagery audios have been helpful to you, and I hope these are too.

All best wishes,