What Guided Imagery Titles Do You Recommend for a Teen Having Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Before my surgery, I was in a complete panic. My treatment team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America gave me your Successful Surgery CD, and it saved me. . .

Hello, Belleruth!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday with family and friends!

Several years ago, I had a procedure at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Days before the scheduled surgery, I was in COMPLETE panic. When I called my CTCA team - and prepare to cancel the surgery - they apologized not having given me your CD (Successful Surgery).  They overnighted it to me. It saved me.

I was calm and prepared. I came through the surgery and post op with incredible ease. The doctors even remarked how little I bled - I had a vascular tumor removed from my kidney. I distinctly recalled that imagery being a part of the meditation.   Unbelievable. I could go on and on with how life changing the meditation was.

I have since purchased several of your guided imagery CDs and enjoy peace from each one.

The reason for my note is to ask would you consider an audio for teens undergoing extraction of their wisdom teeth or any other dental procedures. My son is scheduled in a week and I began to look for something similar to prep him. I will download Relaxed and Awake during Medical Procedures, but I wonder if something dental specific would be worthwhile.

Many thanks for your time.

Blessings for a healthy New Year.


Dear Megan,

Hello back, and thank you for the feedback - I'm delighted the imagery for surgery was a help.  Really, when you think about it, it's a wonder that everybody facing surgery doesn't go into a full blown panic - after all, it's quite a bizarre thing to volunteer to sign up for a perfect stranger to slice you open with a knife at some convenient future date!  :) .

You're not the first person to tell us that CTCA sent a patient to our guided imagery audios.  I wonder, can you share which center this was? I know it was several years ago, but if you can remember any of the names of your treatment team, that would be a help too.  We figure it's time to suggest to those excellent folks at CTCA that they might like their own download/streaming guided meditation page for their patients. Maybe one for the 'Getting Well' phase and another for the 'Staying Well' phase. (It would make it faster, simpler and easier for patients to access them, and at little cost to them.)

To answer your question about your son, I would have suggested the same guided imagery you already ordered - Relaxed & Awake during Medical Procedures.  It pretty much covers what's needed there;  another good one might be Bodhipaksa's Mindfulness Meditations for Teens - for providing an adolescent with general relaxation and support, not to mention developing perspective and calm, it can't be beat.  I personally love this guy's work. You can check out a sample here:

I hope this helps.  Best of luck to him for a quick and relatively easy procedure, and to all for a great year.  

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