What Helps with “Discombobulation” after Going off Antidepressants??

Hi Belleruth,

I need help with antidepressant withdrawal. I've slowly withdrawn from Zoloft. This is my first week without any medication in my system whatsoever. I'm functioning fine, but feel 'out of kilter'...just discombobulated (is that a word?)

Truth told, I am already happier, feel more whole, and seem to have a pumped up libido, but these other sensations are confusing and unsettling. I'm trying to find the best of your imagery CD's from my arsenal, but am not sure what's best.

I'm wondering about the Alchol/Drug Recovery CD, and whether it might help me cope with the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal I might be feeling.

As I am somewhat anxious, I don't want to do anything that might reinforce my anxiousness in any way! I am sleeping fine, just feel less predictable somehow. Thanks,

Belleruth. You are welcome to use my letter on Health Journeys, please just post it anonymously.


Dear Sarah,

6659BIt sounds like things are going very well for you, but that this will take some getting used to –but it shouldn't be too long before your body integrates these positive changes, so they won't feel so strange and disorienting to you. You're on your way.

Actually, none of this sounds bad – just different. You may be reacting to the change of it all, even though the changes are positive. You wouldn't be the first.

I don't think the Alchol/Drug imagery is right for this – you haven't been truly addicted to these drugs and this doesn't sound like withdrawal. What you're experiencing is more subtle.

I'd try the Self-Confidence imagery first – see if that doesn't help. It's designed to help you experience yourself in a positive and integrated way, but it's gentle and cushioned, and shouldn't cause you stress. Others that might be a good fit would be Relaxation & Wellness, General Wellness, or the Affirmations.

6469bIf you're up for something a little more physical to channel some of this new energy, Tiffany Chen's Step by Step Tai Chi or Shiva Rea's Radiant Heart Yoga could go a long way in helping you quickly integrate and settle into these wonderful changes.

And you might want to have a gentle heart-to-heart with your anxious side, reminding yourself that just because it feels different, it doesn't mean it's cause for worry. Sometimes that's a good thing!

Congratulations, good luck to you and let me know how it goes.

All best,