Which of your guided imagery CDs or tapes should I order to get my blood pressure down? I am on medication. Thanks.


Dear Ben,

First off, let me say that anything that helps you to relax is very likely going to get your blood pressure down. So in a general, non-targeted way, any of the guided relaxation and meditation programs we offer are qualified to do this. Similarly, anything that says it’s designed to reduce stress is going to help lower your blood pressure.

This also means that if you have another health challenge, such as diabetes or arthritis (just for example), and you use the imagery targeted for those conditions, it will also very likely lower your blood pressure too, because all these imagery programs are designed to first get you in a relaxed, receptive state in order to help you receive maximum benefit from the imagery.

high blood pressurehealthy heart That said, there are programs designed specifically to lower blood pressure and focus on potential areas of heart disease. Emmett Miller’s Down with High Blood Pressure, for instance, is an excellent combination of relaxation, imagery and self-hypnosis designed for exactly this. Additionally, my Healthy Heart: Guided Imagery for Healthy Cholesterol, Open Arteries & a Strong Heart has a somewhat broader focus on nice, wide, clear arteries, but is also designed to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

breathinglet go of stress If imagery has no appeal to you, you may want to try Andy Weil’s Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing, a set of eight different breathing exercises designed to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress. It’s a terrific program.

And finally, if you like none of the above suggestions, you may want to try Kelly Howell’s Guided Relaxation: Let Go of Stress, a combination of imagery combined with harmonically layered brainwave frequencies and dreamy music. This Brain Sync technology might be just the right method for you. Try one at a time to see what hits you just right.

I hope this helps.