Cheryl got this note from a yoga instructor who works with a class of Montessori preschoolers (3-5 year olds).  I loved seeing what she had to say about the calm, focused attention Steve Kohn’s music produces in her squeezers, because it has the same effect on me.  

I try to play it while writing and thinking at my computer, because it always helps me focus my attention and feel good as I work, but it doesn’t call attention to itself and interfere with my concentrating on the task at hand.  I swear, it takes stress and worry out of writing.

Like Carrie, I’ll often play Meditative Reflections too, but it depends on my mood.  I also find the second track, “Breaking Free” from the Inward Journey especially great for when I want something a little more rousing and inspiring; and Music for Meditation and Music for Motivation suit me very well, too.  Even Dream Scape, the music that scores our Imagery for Hospice & Palliative Care is perfect for working at the computer – it’s so heart-opening and lovely.  I know Steve sometimes feels otherwise, but I never get sick of this music.   

But I digress.  Check out what Carrie has to say about the music for teaching yoga to her little squeezers:

Recently I downloaded the MP3 of Meditative Reflections and put it on my IPod.  I teach yoga to a group of 12 lively 3-5 year olds at a local Montessori school.  

The difference in the demeanor and listening concentration of the children before I started using the music and after is amazing.  The music is playing when they come in to unroll their mats and they sit quietly waiting for everyone to be ready.  

Thanks for the wonderful, extra asset as I teach what I love to those I love.


So there you have it.  Steve’s music works wonders on the Pre-K set, on the pre-geriatric set and everybody else in between.  Oh, and dogs and cats love it too.  We hear about that at least a couple times a year!