What Powerful Sleep Meds Couldn’t Do, Guided Imagery Did!

We got this wonderful note from someone who had suffered a lifetime of hyper-vigilant sleeplessness, due to a traumatic childhood, replete with surprise, nighttime attacks by a deranged, liquor-fueled parent. Not everyone experiences a "miracle cure" for their insomnia with guided imagery like this, but you'd be surprised how many times we hear from people who actually do! Here it is:

Dear Belleruth,

I wanted to thank you from my heart for your sleep CD. I wrote you a few years ago, mentioning that I was deeply traumatized and under great stress. I was using drugs to make me sleep, and had bizarre sleepwalking issues as a result, and my mood problems seemed to be worsening. There were some psychotic breaks. At that extreme point I began to use your sleep CD.

I stopped ingesting the chemicals as well during this period, using the CD nightly.

"Helpful" isn't a strong enough word for this meditation! I have had sleeplessness ALL my life and even the strongest meds would not induce sleep during some periods.

Hyper-vigilance was a result of severe nighttime abuse by my alcoholic parent, and this included physical nighttime surprise attacks.

Looking back at what went on in my early life, I realize that sleeplessness had been a survival necessity. I believe that realizing that fact helped me let the hyper-vigilance go. Sleeplessness actually saved my life many times as a child when I consider those liquor-fueled rages that I endured, but it was healing to understand in full that wakefulness in self defense was no longer necessary.

I am now a believer in a drugless approach to wholeness, more than ever! Thank you so much for enhancing my life with this helpful healing CD. What a game changer!

You have my full permission to utilize what I have written above to reprint if you would find it useful, edit as you will, and my name need not be changed for that purpose, unless that is your practice and preference.

Very best wishes and gratitude,

Deborah Dietz (That's her real name, folks!)

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