I would like to send some of your items to the Newtown, CT Public Library to help people there. I thought I'd send 5 Playaways of the Trauma PTS one. Is that okay for sharing with people? Would you recommend this or something else for the children, too? Thanks,



Hey, Bethany. 

What a generous idea!

Just so you know, we have posted a web page with information on PTS and free downloads for Newtown, but I'll bet there are a bunch of people who would find resources in the library a lot faster than they ever would on a web page, so that's a great idea. 

I think it would require your talking to the librarians there, too, so they could direct people to them properly, though.  I wouldn't just send them to the library without making sure somebody knows what they're for.

For starters, I'd suggest the same titles that we've got listed on the Newtown page - here is how they're listed and described on the page:

Magic Island: Relaxation for Kids
Kids are especially responsive to guided imagery and Betty Mehling has written and produced (and donated) the perfect audio for children of all ages to get in touch with their own strength, resourcefulness and resilience. The narrative enhances feelings of control and well-being, while reducing stress.

Healthful Sleep
The most common after-effect of a traumatic event is disrupted sleep. Listen to this as you're trying to fall asleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep. Remember, it's common for those who have been close to a traumatic event to experience sleep disturbances.

Ease Grief
This is to help process loss, maintain an open heart in the face of grief, and offer a way to tolerate the sadness without denying it. This could be used for grief for an actual person, or it could also help with grief for the way things used to be and can never be again.

Help with Panic Attacks
It's not unusual for trauma survivors to have panic attacks - it's those same alarm biochemicals going into gear. This audio has 4 different quick, proven, user-friendly, techniques to reduce the intensity or head off panic altogether, before it has a chance to take up residence with a life of its own. Even if you're experiencing general anxiety, this download can help calm the panicky feelings.

Relaxation & Wellness
This is good for general stress relief, and to pump up feelings of resilience, emotional support and connection to others.

Healing Trauma

This is the most powerful healing imagery in the batch, and the one that has gotten the terrific outcomes at Duke and at Scripps. But it's intense, so if it makes you uncomfortable, you may not be ready for it. Remember, you know where the Pause button is. You can always go back to listening to Relaxation & Wellness and build up your self-soothing skills first, then come back to it if you still need it (and you may not).

There’s a lot more for kids, however, than what we’ve got posted – we were limited by what we had available by way of authors’ permissions, digital formatting and other complications when it came to the web page.  

All things being equal, I’d recommend, along with our already posted perennial favorite, Magic Island, the following:  The Sleep Fairy; Sing Song Yoga; anything from Mindworks for Children for the littler kids, toddler through 2nd grade; Discovering Your Special Place; and the Teen Tension Tamer Kit for adolescents.    



As I mentioned, the page also tries to briefly explain something about posttraumatic stress, and why sometimes it's much more beneficial for affected people to do something like guided imagery, breathwork, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, Reiki, acupoint tapping, etc - rather than "talk therapy" - with this level of trauma.
The page can be found here:  The downloads can be accessed with a passcode, which we'd be happy to pass on to the librarian if he or she is interested.

Take care and thanks again for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

All best,

P.S.  If we change your name, may we post this Q and A?  It might inspire others to do the same or something similar for those folks!