What's the Best Way to Use Multiple Guided Imagery Programs?


Dear Belleruth,

Thanks for making so many wonderful audio programs. I’m confused about the best way to use all the ones I want. I’m dealing with several different issues. Do I have to start with just one, or can I get all three of them and begin using them right away?




Dear Danielle,

Thanks for your question - one we’re asked frequently. It’s wise not to slam yourself with too many topics to address all at once. 

Yes, you should focus on one first and listen for a couple weeks. Often it's good to start with one that targets an issue that's tops on your list. Then incorporate a second recording and start listening to that one, once you feel you're on board with the first, but don't stop the first. Keep listening to that one too, interspersing it now and then with the new one, maybe at a one to three or four ratio, focusing more on the new imagery, but returning to the old one, too.

Keep listening to the two for another couple weeks or maybe more - until you have a firm sense that you're solid with the second one - and then add the third, following the same principle - listening to the new one the most but injecting the other two into your routine as well. 

There's no hard and fast rule - over time, they'll all take hold if they're listened to regularly. And once you've got a few under your belt, you can go by which one you feel like listening to at the time. You can trust your body, your instinct and your wishes at the time to tell you which one you most need to listen to at that moment. 

Truth be told, it's hard to screw it up.

All best,

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