I very much like the PLAYAWAY method of audio delivery.  Does "Stop Smoking" or “Weight Loss” come in PLAYAWAY?
If not, will it be in that mode anytime soon? Thanks!


Dear Mona,

So glad you’re a PLAYAWAY fan.  Me, too.  It’s such a handy, user-friendly and fool-proof method of delivery. We’ve found it’s great for people who are skittish about technology and would freeze at the prospect of having to download something; also for soldiers downrange, because it’s so sturdy and portable and all-in-one; also for people going to the hospital or clinic for medical procedures; and for those who need to have everything contained in one item, because they have trouble keeping track of a player plus several CDs. We do carry Stop Smoking in Playaway format, but currently don’t have the same option for Weight Loss.  

Here’s the complete list (alphabetical) of what we now carry on PLAYAWAY. 

Anger & Forgiveness
Bienstar Global
Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplantation
Cardiac ICU & Rehab
Caregiver StressChemotherapy
Ease Grief
Ease Plain
General Wellness
Healthful Sleep
Healing Trauma
Oncology Related Fatigue
Radiation Therapy
Relaxation & Wellness
Relaxed & Awake
Relieve Stress
Self Confidence
Stop Smoking
Stress Hardiness Optimization
Successful Surgery

Right now there are no plans to expand the list. We would ask the Playaway people to add a title if there were a serious number of requests for something, but they don’t like to add something for small runs, as it’s not cost effective for them.  We’ll try to keep you updated.

Thanks for writing.

All best,