What Titles Will Help Me Calm My Sympathetic Nervous System?

Hello, I am wondering which program will address my situation so I would love your suggestions. I am trying to reset my autonomic nervous system after years of stress and drama in my life. The result of that stress has been various and sundry symptoms from PVCs, Tachycardia, acid reflux, neck pain and dizziness and a general feeling of "going to die" from time to time.

I am working with an amazing PT who is working on the physical level to reset but the "guidance" I have gotten from within is that I am to heal my nervous system and that "less is more". I believe that as my sympathetic NS calms down, my entire body will feel great relief and will heal. But I am not sure which program might be a good one for me. Can you suggest one or a few?

Thank you for your time and for your good works. -C


It seems like any guided imagery (or for that matter, any other regular mind-body practice) that brings you relaxation on a regular basis will fill the bill for what you¹re looking for, so you really have quite a few options. Some simple imagery that can do this is our Relaxation and Wellness or General Wellness imagery. Its effectiveness will increase with practice - there¹s quite a cumulative effect- so if you don¹t see much difference at first, don¹t give up - keep listening and see what happens.

And if you combine listening to the imagery with using another technique, such as during a session of massotherapy, Reiki, Healing Touch or some other biofield therapy, you further increase the impact. So if you think you can tolerate a double dose of relaxation, by all means, give it a try. The sum of the total impact will be greater than each of the parts.

Wishing you the best with this.