My 12-year-old grandson is suffering from insomnia. When he closes his eyes, he sees very scary images, feels a lot of anxiety and stays awake most of the night. . .

Dear Belleruth,

I’m trying to help my 12 year old grandson who is suffering from insomnia.. Actually he says when he closes his eyes he sees very scary images and feels a lot of anxiety and stays awake most of the night. I don't know which of your sleep or anxiety tapes is appropriate for this. It has been going on for over a year Also, he is on the sensory spectrum. your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dear Melissa,

For a 12-year old, unless he's significantly limited in his vocabulary, I would try our adult Healthful Sleep. See how he responds to that.  

Also, you might want to combine that with some soothing aromatherapy essential oils - we have a lavender roll-on or aromatherapy mist, that might help.  Some do better with bergamot or sandalwood, but I'd start with lavender.  

If this continues, I'd consult with an integrative medicine doc in your area, preferably a graduate of the 2-year post-doc U of AZ Integrative Medicine Fellowship - there are hundreds of them sprinkled around the U.S. - because there are a lot of good IM options for helping a kid sleep better.  

All the best,

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