I’m an LPC and LMFT and attended one of your workshops (Houston, 2004 maybe). I refer a lot of clients to your website to purchase CDs and love your work.

I have a new client who is on Lexapro, Resperdil, and Xanax for the most severe anxiety Ive seen in my 42 years counseling.
Jan. 2013 he suffered a spinal cord injury in a ski accident/long rehab/finally back to work as an attorney and walking w/crutches. Doing well.

Then several months later, he falls apart w/anxiety, physical pain in legs and legs shaking constantly/spastic - finally quits going to work and is now in a wheelchair.
Had another brain and spinal cord MRI and doctors find nothing wrong. Just sits & does NOTHING. No hope. Becoming irritated by everything.

I had them buy your Ease Pain CD and Healthful Sleep (as hes getting only a few hours of sleep). He listened to Ease Pain only a few times and says it irritates him and he refuses to listen.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Dear Sharon,

Yikes, poor guy! Sounds like he can't stand being in his own skin.  

Are you satisfied with the neurological workup he's had?

And how about the choice of medications that he's on?  Do you think it's perhaps worth a fresh look from a new consult?  I'd start there, at the very least, with evaluating what those meds are doing for/to him.

 I also wonder if some gentle energy work might be the most promising intervention to offer him.  He might get some measure of comfort and relief there.  I'm thinking of Reiki, Healing Touch or Therapeutic Touch - something along those lines - as the least likely intervention to irritate him, and a way into start him back to being able to take in some sort of relief.

For now, I'd keep away from the mind-body stuff like imagery, hypnosis or mindfulness.  There's just too much room for his mind to start in on its knee-jerk, cranky response.

Listen to an audio sample
of Healing Trauma

At some point he may be ready for some simple biofeedback. Eventually the Healing Trauma imagery might do a lot for him.  But not now.

If you feel you need to find some fresh, outside neurological advice, I'd recommend you contact Robert Scaer MD, who's both a neurologist and a posttraumatic stress expert, at http://www.traumasoma.com.  He wrote The Body Bears the Burden, The Trauma Spectrum, and 8 keys to Brain-Body Balance.  

He's a dedicated colleague and a generous guy with his expertise – and in the overlapping areas of PTS and neurological health, he knows a lot.  He offers his contact info on his website: [email protected].  

I hope this helps.

All best,