We got this question from a mother who is wondering what her daughter with bipolar illness might safely listen to on the way to and from work, to help her handle anxiety and stress, coming and going.


Hi, Bellaruth, [Ed note: It’s spelled Belleruth and pronounced Bell-rooth’, with the accent on the second syllable].

I recently attended the AADE conference in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of attending your talk. I found it to be most enlightening.

I am in the process of selecting a piece for each of my children. I have one that is diagnosed with bi polar and struggles with lots of anxiety and stress related issues. She has a long commute to and from work. Do you have a recommendation for something that would be safe as well as helpful for her to listen to while driving?

Kind regards.
Mary Beth


Dear Mary Beth,

Thanks for writing.  The safest thing your daughter can listen to while driving is affirmations, which are very soothing but still allow a driver to remain alert and oriented to the road.  

On most of our audio programs, affirmations appear as a second segment – one that will contain  some general statements, followed by more targeted ones that address the particular health challenge that the title addresses. (This is from back in the day, when we needed some content to put on Side B of an audio cassette.  It worked out better than we expected, and we found out, ironically enough, that some people actually preferred Side B to our precious imagery on Side A. So much for assumptions!

The affirmations proved to be so popular that, at the request of our listeners, we wound up putting together a stand-alone program of just Affirmations which we took from the second segments of our General Wellness, Relieve Stress and Relieve Depression programs, and I think this would be just the ticket, in terms of variety and focus, for your daughter.

It's a nice habit to get into, listening to something like this on the way to work.  We hear from quite a few people that it sets them up for the day very nicely, and that it has a cumulative effect that starts to really stick to the ribs, after a week or two.  

I hope this helps.  Please let us know how it goes.
All best,

p.s.  We get this driving question all the time.  Would it be okay if we changed your name and posted the question?  It would be useful to others.  Thx either way.  Glad you asked.