A Mom asks what imagery would help her daughter, who is trying to get pregnant again, but afraid she won’t be able to, after two painful disappointments with earlier pregnancies.. A while ago I submitted a message regarding my daughter, who had had an early miscarriage. Since then, she has had a subsequent pregnancy that had to be terminated due to complications of spina bifida. She is now trying again and is on a prescription for folic acid. She keeps having these fears that she will not get pregnant again, or that there will be complications. She also has migraine headaches. I need suggestions for which tapes would be helpful for her.
Thanks. Libby

Dear Libby,
It certainly sounds like your daughter has been through the mill. No wonder she has some residue of worry and fear – probably reluctance, too - about getting pregnant again. This had to be very tough on her and all the rest of you, too.

I would definitely recommend the Healthy Pregnancy and Successful Childbirth imagery (unless she already used it in conjunction with this earlier pregnancy, and so has distressing feelings connected with it - if so, I’ll address that in a minute). This particular narrative has a lot of images of protection and support, and uses the idea of invisible helpers, ancestors, a chain of women who have gone before, looking out for her and the baby, waiting to welcome the baby, whispering the baby’s name to it, and so on and so forth. It also helps her envision a healthy, beloved baby. She should find it reassuring and helpful.

And because it’s designed to deliberately evoke feelings of love and support, it also elevates seratonin levels and relaxes tense muscle, and this should be very good for her migraine headaches. (Any decent imagery is going to help some with the headaches, although perhaps not as effectively as the kind we designed exactly for headaches… but I’d start off with just one recording and see how she does with it. The Preg/Childbirth imagery ought to make a good ‘two-fer’ for starters, helping with both issues. If she responds well to it, I’d let it serve both purposes until she gets a little bored with it, and then I’d augment her experience with the Relieve Headache imagery and perhaps the Healthful Sleep imagery as well.

If, as I mentioned earlier, she already used the Healthy Pregnancy imagery, and now has some distressing associations connected with it, I’d recommend she just listen to Relaxation & Wellness , which also has images of protection and support, but proffered in a different way, which hopefully won’t bring up those painful disappointments and fears. If the associations are so strong that she reacts negatively to just the sound of my voice, there are wonderful relaxation audios narrated by different voices - David Illig’s, Emmett Miller’s , for instance. And some of our new CDs - Karen Sothers’ Sacred Pause , or Breathe to Beat the Blues by Amy Weintraub would also be terrific for these purposes. If she wants some Bible-based reassurance, the Tranquillities Series for Stress by Rev. Donna Shenk and Dr. Robert Miller would be perfect.

Please wish her well from all of us here at Health Journeys. And you too, Gramma!