What Treatment Combo Helped This Survivor of Childhood Abuse Stop Dissociating?

This is a wonderful example of one woman’s healing from posttraumatic stress and the dissociation that usually comes with early childhood abuse, with the help of some very trauma specific guided imagery, used in conjunction with a deeply relaxing and healing biofield technique called Healing Touch. (This combination was also found to be effective in healing PTS symptoms in combat-traumatized Marines at Camp Pendleton).

Here is Merri’s story:

I am sharing this for two reasons. First, as a part of my own healing, and second, because Belleruth and the Healing Trauma guided imagery have been a huge part of my healing journey....what a remarkable understanding for me, to have this "tangible" thing to help me on my journey.  I will explain.

When I met Belleruth at the Healing Beyond Borders Conference in October, I mentioned I had PTSD. I have since had a FULL memory surface of the bits and pieces I had been remembering over the last three years.

Door KnobThe "tangible" piece to all of this lies in the glass doorknob that I would stare at during the abuse.  Ironic yes, I have a set of knobs from my dad’s house....This past Friday I smashed one side with a hammer, turning it into a pile of broken glass (weak, cheap, broken, unrecognizable). Much like the broken pieces of my heart, and of my younger self....full of shame, guilt, anger, hurt.....I left the other knob as it was, beautiful, strong, purposeful -- my heart now....full of great gifts to give, because of where I have been.....

Broken Door KnobThese doorknobs helped me to be able to stay present to the Healing Trauma guided imagery, and the guided imagery helped me stay present to the doorknobs.....no dissociation...... this is big stuff!

Thanks to Health Journeys for what you do and for being part of my journey and for being part of my Healing Touch sessions every week.

Merri Milke 

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