Do you have any suggestions for guided meditation or affirmation resources for adults with attention deficit disorder? ADD isn't limited to children, and not all of us have physical hyperactivity.  Many women with ADD have the inattentive subtype where our minds are restless and we have difficulty focusing.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts and recommendations.



Hello, Donna.
Actually, some of the current 25% off "Back in School" sale items would be appropriate for this: especially David Illig's Concentration CD and Martha Howard's Greater Memory & Learning Skills CD.

The other suggestion I have is to try a technique called Neurofeedback, which is biofeedback, only with your brain activity, as measured and displayed by an EEG.  It basically helps you self-regulate aspects of your brain function.

I've been hearing excellent things about it for years, but I just read a terrific German multi-site study demonstrating its effectiveness with kids with ADHD – in fact it’s posted on this week’s Hot Research page.  If it performs that well with ADHD kids, I’m thinking it stands a very good chance of remediating your inattentive subtype variety.  And we know NF works with adults too. You can learn more about the technique and find a practitioner here.

I hope this helps.
All best,