We're very pleased to finally be launching our new app. We've been working so long and hard on it, sometimes it's hard to believe the time has finally come!

To introduce you to the new app and the features, we are making a series of videos - here is the first one:


Please leave us any and all questions, we really want to hear from you.

Here's an example of one great question that we've already fielded.

Q: If I have already purchased MP3 audios on your website, will I be able to access them on this app?

A: In this first phase of the app, it is subscription only. For anyone that wants access to all of the Health Journeys library so that you can listen to any audio you'd like, try out new audios, or listen to the entire catalog, this subscription model is perfect for you.

For people that have already bought MP3s, you will be able to access them on our app in the next phase of the app release. That version will allow you to log in to the app and play any of the audios that you have purchased right away - now downloading needed.

You can still purchase CDs, MP3s, Playaways and Bundles as you always have, but now you also have the option to have unlimited access to all of our audios wherever you go.

So, let us have it! What are you wondering?

All best,
HJ Team