What Would You Recommend for a Cancer Patient to Overcome Stress, Relax, and Boost Immunity?

Dear Belleruth:

I have been on the cancer journey for over 18 months now trying to do everything right and just got some terrible news. I have been crushed, confused, stressed. I decided to try an alternative medicine immunotherapy and my naturopath recommended your guided visualization. I need something that will help me overcome this stress, relax, and boost my immunity. Can you make a recommendation?

Thank you,

Dear Rick,

So sorry about your disappointing, disorienting, disheartening news. It has to be deeply unsettling to have done all the ‘right’ things and still get slammed with the ‘wrong’ outcomes from your oncologist. You were doing all you could to hedge your bets, and it didn’t pan out. But good for you for doing all you could (otherwise, you’d be wondering, what if I'd tried…?? ).

And also good for you for not giving up, and for seeking other possible treatment avenues. Sometimes it’s good to see this cancer journey not so much as an 18 month sprint, but more like a much longer marathon with ups and downs. I’ve witnessed many happy surprises in the opposite column, too.

As for what to do in the guided imagery wheelhouse to boost your immunity and reduce stress: I’d suggest our Healthy Immune System audio; and either Emmett Miller’s hypnotic imagery for Optimizing Chemotherapy or his Optimizing Radiation Therapy, because the middle track in those 2 audios has very effective imagery of the immune system proactively and aggressively combatting cancer cells. (It’s that same middle track on both titles, so you only need one if you don’t want the additional imagery for either chemo or radiation).

And of course we also have Fight Cancer which also very directly targets cancer.

I recommend you listen to the sound samples on each product page, to get an idea of the content in there, and a sense of whether you find the style, voice and pacing compatible.

Now, working with those I just mentioned might also serve to de-stress you. But if you want something additional that focuses just on the stress/distress, I suggest our Relieve Stress imagery. And if what you’re dealing with is more like anxiety or even panic, then I’d suggest our Anxiety & Panic audio.

I want to add one more thing, which you may or may not need to hear, but what the heck. Sometimes people take the mind-body connection so literally, that they worry unnecessarily that if they get upset, they’ll be making their cancer worse. Trust me, it’s just not that easy! It probably takes months and months of unmitigated stress to make a dent on your immune function.

And indeed, an argument could be made that it isn’t being upset that hurts immunity so much as being upset and making believe you feel just fine! Lying to yourself could quite possibly do a far worse job on your health and mental health than just being upset and knowing it.

Here’s another indicator: we also know that If you do guided imagery to heighten immune function, you get a nice up-regulated bump for about 45 minutes, as shown in blood work and salivary measures. Then things go back to normal. The same is probably true for a not so nice, down-regulated dip from stress.

Hope some of this is useful.

Best wishes and kindest regards,


Dear Belleruth:

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful and detailed email, and for the words of encouragement. It means a lot to me as I seek peace and healing. I will download your recommendations on iTunes.

Best wishes for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Best regards,