When a doc asks what meditations might help a teenager with anorexia, Belleruth suggests Weight Loss as a paradoxical help for this, along with Relieve Stress, Relaxation & Wellness, and other anxiety reducers... Dear Belleruth,
Do you have any meditations that would be appropriate for a teenager with anorexia? Please let me know. Thank you.
Peter M, MD.

Dear Peter,
We have nothing specific for eating disorders although, paradoxically enough, our Weight Loss imagery, which focuses on healthy body image, releasing energy in positive directions, grounding awareness in the body and increasing self-esteem, is often used successfully by clinicians to help people with eating disorders. And of course, people with anorexia will sometimes buy this title in Borders or Barnes & Noble for all the wrong reasons, but they benefit from it anyway. It actually hits all the key issues for an anorexic teen.

But if you feel the title alone might send a counter-productive message, and you just don’t want to give this kid anything that says "weight loss" on it, we do have good anxiety management tools that could also help your teenager. After all, we know that anorexia is an anxiety-based disorder. So what also might help are these: our Panic Attack imagery; our Relieve Stress imagery and our Relaxation & Wellness imagery. Any of these would be good. And additionally, since so many eating disordered people are survivors of trauma with PTSD, our Healing Trauma imagery is often extremely useful here. But I wouldn''t use it right off the bat - it''s too intense and evocative. I''d start out with something a little more neutral - like Relaxation and Wellness , or even General Wellness first for a few times; then move into using the Healing Trauma imagery. We frequently hear about surprisingly positive results with it for both anorexia and bulemia.

I hope this helps. Write and let us know.