When a Playaway is the Perfect Solution for Meditation Delivery…

We got this question from a caring daughter-in-law to a Holocaust survivor heading into the end of her life with exacerbated symptoms of posttraumatic stress. She needs a simple, soothing narrative, delivered in a simple way she can operate herself. Does such a thing exist, her daughter-in-law asks.  It does, we answer.


I am a fan and very much appreciate your audios. My mother-in-law is a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor who seems to be really deteriorating with PTSD symptoms as she heads towards the end of her life.

She is fairly limited in terms of emotional and intellectual capacities. I am wondering about a delivery system for gentle breath work and meditation that could help her manage anxiety and experience some peace.

I'm even trying to figure out what type of technology to go with? CD players and cassettes seem easiest to operate but are unavailable anymore, and she cannot operate a smartphone of tablet.

Any suggestions? Many Thanks for all you do



Dear Patricia,

I'm sorry about your mother-in-law. I've recently been hearing a lot about end-of-life Holocaust survivors getting very symptomatic. I believe this happens a lot - also after open heart surgeries, too, it appears.

A Playway is the delivery method that's made to order for her. It's a preloaded, all-in-one, hand-held player and audio, as simple to use as you can possibly get. You can get our General Wellness or Stress imagery for her, pre-loaded, or some simple meditation and breathwork as well, and all the device asks her to do is to press play, pause or stop. 

It comes with basic ear buds, but you may want to give her a better head set to listen with, as these might be uncomfortable for fragile, 91-year-old ears. I hope this helps.

All best wishes,

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