Where to Find Guided Imagery that Isn’t Overly Scripted, Chatty or Speedy…

I'm looking for a CD to help me deal with chronic insomnia & anxiety. I was referred to you by my therapist, whose CD's I like very much, but she moves too fast to allow me to get into the groove and benefit fully from the meditations and exercises.

I have tried Jack Cornfield (sic) and Jon Cabat-Zinn (sic). They have been helpful, but too much talking gets in the way of my own process.

I need some SLOW progressive relaxations and SLOW meditations that allow the listener to develop her own imagery and process, rather than to be directed into an overly scripted experience.

Can you, or anyone else, send me some new suggestions?


Dear Melissa,

Why don't you listen to a sample and see what you think?

You can listen to a sound sample on any one of our product pages. Here's the one for sleep.

I suspect my guided meditations won't be right for you, because I think I'm wordier than Jon Kabat-Zinn, who leaves more space between his guided narrative than I do. Same with Jack Kornfield. Plus we score our guided imagery to music, so you might find that even more unwanted stimulation (although most people like it a lot, I have to say).

But I think it's safe to say, as a general rule of thumb, that mindfulness meditation is by its very nature far more quiet and spacious than guided imagery.

In fact, Jon once told me that he found that my guided imagery narratives and music had a little too much going on in them for his own personal taste and sensibility! (Although he graciously allowed as to how his wife Myla liked it a lot.)

But if you need the time and space to develop your own imagery, at your own speed, without feeling pushed or pressed, you'll probably really appreciate the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, which is designed to give your imagination and inner processes free reign, as you listen to carefully selected, evocative music. After, you interact with the Bonny Method practitioner around what your mind has conjured. You take the lead in every part of the process.

I've had some wonderful experiences using this method, and it sounds ideal for you.

There's an international directory of practitioners on their website, so hopefully you'll be able to find one near where you live.

Hope this helps. I wish you restful sleep and sweet dreams!

All best,


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