I just wanted to say thank you. About a year ago I asked for advice on imagery to help with grief and anger after losing too many family members and friends. I wanted to write and say thanks for all you do. I've been listening to the Caregiver Stress and the Anger and Forgiveness imagery. It's been immensely helpful in getting through those times when nothing made sense and everything was falling apart.

Also I have a question. Is there any imagery to help with pain? I've dealt with chronic back pain since I was about 5-6 years old. It's gotten worse over the years and recently I found out that there's a high likelihood that my condition will deteriorate much more over the years.

Eventually I may have problems with basic functions. This news has been quite stress-inducing since I'm only in my 20s. I realize that as we all grow older, some functions may become more difficult, but I didn't think these things would be affecting me so early on.

So I guess my question is... is there any imagery you'd recommend that I can use along with medical treatment?   



I’m sorry you’re facing such difficult circumstances at such a young age.  I really want to commend you for searching for all possible resources to bolster your strength and help you maintain your health and resilience for as long as possible.  You sound like you have an amazing attitude and impressive resilience.
We do have guided imagery for pain – my Ease Pain imagery might be good (since you responded well to my work in the past), and also we have some excellent imagery by Marty RossmanPain Relief as well as a very highly-rated meditation audio by KRS Edstrom called Defeat Pain. In addition, Michael Reed Gach has a guided acupressure/gentle yoga stretch audio program for back pain, and that may come in handy as well.  It’s called Release Back Pain.

In addition, I see you live in Northeast Ohio.  There’s a gifted osteopathic doc in Parma who may have additional ideas for you.  I haven’t seen her since she moved to the West Side, but I knew her to be very skillful and knowledgeable about a lot of CAM therapies, supplements and energy medicine as well as traditional allopathic medicine, and she may be able to offer you some added consultation for this challenging situation.   Her name is Vivian Bochenek and you can find her listing here.

I do hope some of this helps!

All best wishes,