Which Audio Can Help a Husband and Wife Team with Sexual Intimacy?

Belleruth, Hello.

We met at the Integrative Health conference in New York, at your beautiful presentation. I’m the physician who flew in from Pakistan. I hope you still remember me.

We had talked about a guided imagery audio by a husband and wife team to help with sexual intimacy, for a patient of mine who has a husband with no sexual drive. The husband has no problem with this situation and says he has always been this way. But my patient is troubled, saddened and angered by the situation. Can you remember which audio you mentioned to me? I would like to be able to suggest something to her that could possibly help.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon,

Regards, Dr. P.

Dear Dr. P.

Yes, I do remember you. And the audio you’re referring to is Sexual Intimacy: Relaxation and Imagery to Enrich the Experience of Making Love by Dr. Emmett and Sandra Miller. You can find it here.

But I have to caution you that if the husband is not motivated to change anything, and feels comfortable with the situation as it stands, I’m not sure this excellent recording, which has proven to be useful to many couples with sexual anxiety of one sort or another, would be of any help here.

You may want to suggest that the wife, your patient, explore what she wants to do about this impasse, since she is the one wanting things to change. She can, of course, try to get him to listen to the Millers’ audio with her. But I’m not sure how far she’ll get with this approach, I’m sorry to say. She may have to make some tough decisions about her marriage.

Best wishes,