Which 2 CDs Best for Healing Complex Trauma? (Spoiler Alert: There’s a Relevant Freebie Involved Here!)

We got this terrific question about which guided imagery to use, when you can only afford a couple of the CDs, for complex trauma from longstanding childhood abuse and beyond, into adulthood. The good news is, there's a relevant freebie on our Subscribe page that is the perfect meditation to start with... Read on, Dear Reader:



I was looking at your guided imagery CDs and thinking about purchasing one but I have a question first.

Would either of the CDs for healing trauma work for complex ptsd? Trauma endured over a long period of time...in my case in childhood and beyond as opposed to having been in combat as a member of the military.

And if the answer is yes about either CD, which of the two do you think would be more beneficial?

I would also like to get the one for Heartbreak, Abandonment and Betrayal. So for cost purposes in my situation, I was thinking of getting the lesser expensive one for trauma so I could afford to also get the one for Abandonment etc as my trauma entailed much heartbreak abandonment and betrayal.

Input and advice is welcome however.

Thank you.



Dear Linda,

Thanks for your question. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you - for some reason, we've had a huge influx of new questions lately, and it's been unusually hard to keep up with them all. And I wanted to answer your questions thoughtfully, because you raise some important points. So here goes: 

Yes, my Healing Trauma imagery works for complex trauma. Single incident trauma is rare, actually. Most trauma is complex to some degree. And this imagery seems to work especially well for old, seasoned wounds from childhood, as long as the time is right and the adult person is ready to deal with them. Some of our speediest and most dramatic results come from those circumstances.

Now, I'm not sure if the other CD you refer to is Peter Levine's Sexual Healing or the larger set of nine meditations in The Three Stages of Healing Trauma, so I'll answer about both.

Peter's imagery is 4 gentle meditations that are oriented toward healing childhood sexual abuse. They are very good and their effect is incremental. The larger set of imagery by me is designed to follow my book, Invisible Heroes, and to provide a more cushioned, incremental build-up of 'guided imagery muscle' before using the more intense, emotionally evocative guided imagery of Healing Trauma and Ease Grief. 

Some people need to get some good, solid, self-soothing and relaxation skills under their belt first, so if they get triggered, they have tools at hand to settle themselves down right away. The first stage of meditations provides that. This larger set also offers a variety of approaches - several ways to use imagery to heal trauma. 

I don't think we'd produced the Heartbreak imagery yet, when we were putting Three Stages together, which is why it's not there. Otherwise, it would fit right in there. 

So, I guess my answer to you is this: if you feel you are emotionally ready to tackle your feelings; if you're past the numb stage and your emotions are bubbling up and not terrifying the heck out of you - you may be ready to just go for it, and listen to both the Healing Trauma and the Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal imagery. They are, in my honest opinion, 2 of the best and most psychologically sophisticated and true-blue meditations I've ever created. 

But you may want to get in the groove first with the Relaxation & Wellness imagery, for that extra cushion. Now here's the thing: If you can only afford the 2 CDs, then go to the Subscribe to the Enews Page and get it free. It's right there at

If you don't feel ready yet, work with the gentler imagery of Peter Levine's Sexual Healing and the Relaxation & Wellness until you are. Or those may be enough to get the job done without going into the more intense stuff – that's a possibility, too.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask more if you need to. I'll try to be more prompt in getting back to you this time.

All best wishes,


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