A staff group at a hospital wants to know which guided imagery titles of BR’s use specific, heart-opening imagery to augment the healing action of the tapes and CDs… Dear BR,
I know that you always say that guided imagery that opens your heart is the most powerful kind of healing imagery. Which tapes and CDs have this kind of imagery on them? My colleague and I especially liked the imagery you did at Grand Rounds in our hospital last year, which surrounded us with past good wishes, prayers and thank you’s and invited visits from very much loved people from our past. Where can we find that?
Stan, Georgine and The Gang

Dear S, G and Gang,

Hello again, and thanks for the question.

Yes, imagery which focuses on eliciting feelings of lovingness and gratitude is the blockbuster imagery for relaxation, healing, growth, creativity and change. It’s kind of like the "high-test", caffeinated version of guided imagery, if you will! Once we get the huge, oscillating nexus of the heart into the act, we can cohere all our motivation and get every part of us - mind, body and spirit - behind the desired goal. And by opening the heart, we also get to invite all our unseen helpers, guides and allies to the party, to lend an invisible hand. What could be bad here?

Truth be told, just about all my imagery has a core, heart-opening dynamic to it. But once we created the Relieve Stress imagery in 1995, which is where that Grand Rounds imagery you mention got started (a magical cushion of intelligent energy, surrounding and protecting the listener with all the loving kindness, good wishes, etc etc), it was so effective, I started using it as an element in many subsequent narratives. It just seemed to juice and potentiate everything.

So, let’s see... as well as appearing in Relieve Stress, it’s also an element in Weight Loss, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Relaxation & Wellness, Relaxed & Awake During Medical Procedures, Peaceful Dying, Your Sixth Sense, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel and IBD, Self-Confidence & Peak Performance, Healthful Sleep, Radiation Therapy, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Successful Surgery... a lot! Oh, and a variant appears in our Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth audio, and in the Help for Infertility set. It was just so effective and potent at setting up the more specific images that followed, I started sprinkling it liberally in a lot of our titles.

But even our earlier titles have significant elements of this heart opening dynamic. I hope this answers your question - probably more than you ever wanted to know!