Which HJ Audio Program Contains a Special Military Introduction?

How do I get the guided imagery for PTSD that has the military-friendly language that Soldiers can relate to – you played it for the docs at the U of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine…

Question: Hi, I met you during our Residence Week at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. You played a tape of a retired first sergeant talking in his own vivid vernacular about his PTSD and how guided imagery helped him,. I would like to get this audio for my practice, but am not sure which one it is. Please advise and thanks.

Dr. M.

Hey, Dr. M.,

Thanks for asking. We get lots of requests for that intro, and not always from Service Members and Vets – we also get them from first responders, mothers of cheeky adolescent boys, and other real or imagined hard cases . I believe you're talking about Mind-Body Exercises for Self-Mastery. That’s what I played in our guided imagery module.

The relaxation, self-regulation and de-stressing exercises on it (there are five of them) are offered as CD’s, audio downloads or Playaways. They were tested with the help of the Soldiers at Fort Sill, over a period of many months.  

The introduction is by David Rauls, 1SG, U.S. Army (RET), the primary force behind creating this introduction.

Similar to our Stress Hardiness title, these guided meditation exercises help the listener stay calm under pressure and maintain focus and cognitive flexibility through (1) conscious breathing, (2) key word repetition, (3) progressive body scanning, (4) guided imagery for deep relaxation and (5) guided imagery for restful sleep.

So if any of your patients could use some imagery for help with their depression, PTS, addiction, anger, physical health or upcoming medical procedure, but his or her macho attitude prevents it, please click over to Dave’s intro and see for yourself if his words might make enough of a difference for them to give it a try.


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