A woman asks if BR will ever make breast-enhancing imagery, after reading about a study in Chris Northup’s book. BR responds with a rant about the way women are made to feel critical of their perfectly fine bodies .. Belleruth,

I have just finished reading Women''s Bodies, Women''s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup. In it, she cites studies in which women used guided imagery or hypnosis to increase their breast size. I am curious to know if you have any plans to release an audio tape on this subject.

Regards, Joan

Dear Joan,
I remember that study - subjects were asked to imagine warm water running over their breasts. This increased blood flow, which resulted in a slight increase in size -however, the change was only transitory. After an hour or so, those slightly enhanced breasts went right back to being the way they were before the imagery.

I would humbly suggest that, rather than putting time and energy into imagining bigger breasts, you might consider focusing on shifting your attitude, whereby you can decide that your breasts are lovely and amazing, just the way they are. Truly, that’s time better spent. Embrace your breasts!

Seriously, I’m very disturbed by the way women are made to think about their bodies these days (styles which come and go with the times, by the way). Too many young girls and women are hypercritical of their perfectly fine bodies, based on some lunatic standard of beauty that has very little to do with reality. Please don’t do that to yourself.

Meantime, the answer to your question, which I’m sure is pretty obvious by now: no way will I make a tape like that. Not a chance.

All best wishes to you and your perfectly fine breasts,