Will the Panic Imagery Work for Breakthrough Anxiety?


First I wanted to say thank you for your work! I use your General Wellness, MS, Stress and Healthful Sleep cds frequently. My question has to do with anxiety. I am seeing a doc for meds, but I still have some breakthrough anxiety - especially, at stressful times and while menstruating.

I recently purchased the Panic Attacks cd, thinking the calming and feeling secure images would help. When I received it I started having second thoughts. Before I open it, would this be helpful to me? I saw that you do recommend the Stress cd to people with anxiety. Thank you


Dear Joyce,


The Panic Attack CD has 3 very short, simple, self-regulation exercises to practice with, designed to quickly bring your body chemistry and emotions back into balance when you start to feel triggered; and a regular-length guided imagery exercise that takes the energy of panic and reframes it as the exhilaration of mastery; and of course, a separate track of affirmations.

And even though it's geared to help with the more acute varieties of anxiety, I think it could serve as a nice alternate for the Relieve Stress imagery, give you some variety and some fresh, new "tricks" to have in your back pocket, too.

You can listen to a sound sample if you want to check it out before you remove that shrink wrap.

Good luck and best wishes,