A woman asks what resources she should get for a cousin who was just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, who is starting chemotherapy and radiation therapy shortly.. Dear BR,
My cousin was just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. She is starting chemo and radiation. Which tapes do you recommend? Thank You.

Dear Mary,
I’m sorry about your cousin. Our audios for cancer, chemo and radiation would be most relevant. If she has trouble with relaxation or sleep, the imagery for relaxation & wellness and healthful sleep would be good, too. If she is religious, she would appreciate the beautiful, Psalm-based Tranquilities Pack for cancer patients. And if she has trouble with the technique of imagery, she may enjoy the Bernie Siegel or Carl Simonton videos of calming, uplifting scenes with positive affirmations. And there is more info for you about cancer and what to do about it over at our new page, http://www.healthjourneys.com/cancer.asp.

But before blowing your salary on all these resources, I would suggest your getting her one or two at first, to see if she likes the technique and responds well to it. If she does enjoy it (most people do, actually, especially when facing unpleasant procedures or surgeries), then you could get her more as other resources seem appropriate to her likes and dislikes.